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Teradata - ODBC.ini Entry Explained

Actually, detail of Teradata odbc.ini structure can be found in ODBC Driver for Teradata
User Guide. But, it is a 228 pages document. So, the purpose of this blog entry is to provide essential summarized information about what is required in the odbc.ini for connecting to a Teradata database.

Below describe the required tag for the Teradata specific odbc.ini file
ODBC Options Section This section mainly define the ODBC Driver installation directory.

InstallDir="filepath" //Required. You should provide the full path for Teradata ODBC Driver installation directory. An example default installation directory is /opt/teradata/client/ODBC_64.
ODBC Data Sources Section This section define the the Data Source Name (DSN) and its corresponding Teradata ODBC Driver

[ODBC Data Sources]
data-source-name="driver" //Required. Provide the DSN and its driver name. An entry for each data source. The driver file should have either .so or .sl extension
Data Source Specification S…