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C# - XML Serialization

Creating XML for C# is easy. Reading in an externally created XML into C# is not complicated.
You can use C# XmlSerializer.Deserialize() to read in and deserialize the XML file. But often, the externally created XML file does not have the same root or element names as per C# default naming value.
To make it work with custom XML tag name, all you need is to have a serialization tag to your C# object class. Below is a sample to read in customized root, element and attribute name.
[Serializable] [XmlRoot(ElementName = "my-info")] public class MyInfo { [XmlAttribute(AttributeName="my-attribute")] public string myAttribute;

[XmlElement(ElementName = "my-element")] public string myElement;
[XmlArrayItem(ElementName="my-item")] public string [] my-array;